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District Festivals and District Rowing Contest 2021 – GARDA
District Festivals and District Rowing Contest 2021 – GARDA

In mid-August, the day of Our Lady of the Assumption, patron of the country, in Garda there is the Festival of the districts. The crews of Garda districts do battle boat in the waters of the gulf. The districts are nine: each row four rowers, rowing in a classic style vogue of the Garda fishermen. Even the boats used in the race of the Palio were made on the model of those used every day for fishing on the lake. The rowers, then, are all Garda, which is almost a unique record: how else the center of the Riviera boasts 36 followers of traditional vogue?

Before the race, rowers march through the streets of the country carrying on their shoulders the long oars that they will use in the race. An oar each. Rowing along rowing alternating. At 21 there is the “boats in the water”: starting the three elimination rounds that will sanction the finalist districts. One challenge of a body of water of 400 meters, to go three times, with two spectacular mark roundings. The first placed of each turn passes to the final, which takes place around 22. Right after that are the awards. It ends with fireworks.

Each district has a banner two-color (the same color combination is on the jackets of the rowers) and a fish symbol. La Rosa is green-black with whitefish as a trademark, the Ancient yellow-red walls (on the banner’s perch), the yellow-black corset (the fish is carp), the blue-red Pio (with eel ), the red-black Losa (emblem is pike), the yellow-green village (trout on the flag), the yellow-blue Porto (Sardena), the green-red Spain (tench), the blue-blue square (the fish that is the emblem is the aola).